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15% of American homes have a HDTV

Matt Burns

There is a study that is floating around the Internet about the number HDTV’s there are worldwide. Do you know that the US has 58% of the global market share? We beat out Japan with 16.5 million high def sets. Anyways, I plugged in some numbers and this is what I came up with.

15% of the 107(+/-) million households in America have a HDTV. This seems about right. I can only think of three of my friends that have a high-def. 83% of Americans have cable or satellite so there is nothing requiring these tens of millions households to make the switch.

Still there are going to be a few million households that are not going to be prepared for the switch to ATSC in 2006 or 2009. Ironically, my mother is one of them. She has an antenna that is from the seventies and plans on using it as long as she can. I can see her getting plasma in a few years, with ATSC of course, but she is not alone in resisting to paying for TV. The picture quality a person can receive of ATSC is better then cable or satellite in many cases, so why pay for it? Many people, including my mother, do not want to buy a new TV if she does not have too just yet.

I am sure that a few of our readers that are hesitant on buying a HDTV if their current TV is working fine. Care to sound off why?


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