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Film composer making beautiful music for SOCOM 3

Ross Miller

Socom 3 screen (425)

James Michael Dooley has had a few low-key positions on many high-profile movies: he has worked on Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring, Black Hawk Down, and Gladiator. He is a film composer, but in Hollywood he generally provides additional music or works as an assistant to the famous Hans Zimmer. In the world of video games, however, Mr. Dooley can shine.

Dooley has been given the job of composing orchestral pieces for Sony's upcoming tactical shooter SOCOM 3. So this October, while you are ripping through Terrorists (or Navy SEALS, depending on your preferences), remember to thank Dooley and his 70-piece orchestra for the accompaniment to your very admirable long-distance sniper shot.

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