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Game Boy Micro - the little handheld that could

David Touve

Game Boy Micro Famicon VersionI think we all remember the story of the little engine that could.  That persistent yet self-doubting and undersized machine.  Well, opinions were split on the prospects of the Game Boy Micro in the pre-launch days, but as we type the little machine appears to be gaining momentum.  In Japan the Micro racked up nearly 150,000 units in sales during the first week, topping the GBA SP numbers during its 2003 launch by almost 40,000 sales.  According to GameSpot, EB Games will be in possession of the silver Micro on September 26th and the black version on September 27th.  Estimates on Japanese site Dengeki Online reckon the Famicom version of the Micro accounted for at least 40% of sales.  Unlikely release of the Famicom in the US apparently, but it looks like Liksang is selling the handheld worldwide.

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