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Homemade automated sentry gun turret


automated sentry gun hqAlright, so you're an evil genius. You've got the island, the tasteless decor, even a few minions to scurry about the place and assist you with your doomsday device… what else could you want? Well how about a fully-automated sentry gun? Aaron Rasmussen, a student at Boston University, has built his very own turret designed to fire airsoft BBs at unfriendlies. His system comes complete with target recognition, automated aiming, and even an infrared night mode. Fully tested on Aaron's little brother Ezra (like all potentially painful instruments should be) the turret is fairly accurate at up to 30 feet and only cost Aaron $50 to build. We recommend you go ahead and splurge; you're going to need something to keep James Bond occupied while you're practicing your monologue.

[Via Hack A Day]

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