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Telefonia Satellitare Thuraya SG 2510 / 2520 satellite GSM phones

Ryan Block, @ryan
Telefonia Satellitare SG 2510 / 2520

We all know sat phones are pretty much dead and gone by this point, but Telefonia Satellitare keeps on keepin' on with their dual-mode GSM satellite phones. We're hesitant to call the GSM aspect worthy of the title "worldphone" because it's tri-band, but the devices do feature GPS, GPRS, USB connections, Bluetooth, and a 1.3 megapixel camera; the smaller 2510 is the budget handset, but no word on what features it drops. Think your wireless bill is high right now though? Just wait until you get those $5 per minute sat roaming charges. Buy it to call your mom from the top of Everest, dude, but otherwise you might be better off with something unlocked and quad-band.

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