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Unpacking the Game Boy Micro

Ryan Block

Game Boy Micro box

So we were able to get our greedy little mitts on Nintendo's adorable little Game Boy Micro a few days in advance (no pun intended), and figured we'd share the joy of opening up a new toy with you in our grand tradition of gadget unpacking sessions. It's a little like sneaking downstairs to open your presents the night before Christmas, if you think about it, but a little more anticlimactic.

Game Boy Micro box
Game Boy Micro boxGame Boy Micro open

Yup, comes with two faceplates!

Game Boy Micro open box

Why doesn?t anyone believe us when we tell them the first thing we do is read the health and safety precautions booklet?

Game Boy Micro accessories

Thanks for the pouch, guys! That white thing (which we?re lovingly referring to as the Game Boy Micro Toilet Seat Cover) triggers the faceplate release mechanism.

Game Boy Micro screen on
Game Boy Micro screen
Game Boy Micro back
Game Boy Micro top corner

This thing is a serious fingerprint magnet.

Game Boy Micro bottom-corner
Game Boy Micro colors
Game Boy Micro cover off

You probably don?t want to rock the industrial look, but hey, nothing?s stopping you from doing so and scratchin? up that screen.

Game Boy Micro pink
Game Boy Micro blue

Dark blue and black? What a faux pas!

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