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Share home video with iChat in real-time

David Chartier

I don't do a whole lot of video or audio chats with iChat, but I have to say this is a darn sweet tip: Macworld has a short how-to on streaming video straight from a home video camera to an iChat user. It's about as easy as starting up a video chat, or a one-way video chat even, and pressing play on your connected DV camera that's waiting in playback mode. As usual, if you still want to chat with your viewer you'll have to open up a second text-only window.

Obviously, there are a couple of downsides to sharing video like this, such as the fact that your viewer doesn't get their own copy of the video, and you don't get a chance to edit the video before streaming it - unless you import/capture, edit, then bounce it back to the camera. Either way, this sounds like a really slick trick for sharing video. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but would any of you valiant TUAW readers care to share your experiences?


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