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Is Earthbound 3 in development?

Ross Miller

Marvelous DS game countdown (225)There is something fishy going on, and it may just equate to Ness being seen in a new game outside of the Smash Bros. franchise. 4color rebellion and Press the Buttons have pieced together a series of clues on the Internet and have come to the conclusion that Earthbound 3 may be in development for the Nintendo DS right now. Here are all the clues so far:

  • Earthbound/Mother creator Shigesato Itoi, in an interview, said that he was at Kichijoji working on a secret game he only called "it."

  • Brownie Brown Games is located at Kichijoji.

  • Brownie Brown has also released a flash movie about "Project B" (english translation) which is very much in the style of the old Mother games.

And more still…

  • No relation to Brownie Brown, exactly, but developer Marvelous has opened up a page for an unannounced Nintendo DS game. The page is a countdown (with 67 hours to go as of this writing) and a cartoon professor pushing buttons.

  • DS-x2 has decompiled the flash animation countdown timer and has discovered a picture of the professor turned around, who looks conspicuously like Dr. Andonuts from Earthbound.

  • They also found animation of rocks. The Mother series is known for talking rocks.

Do all these pieces add up to anything? Probably not, but the clues here are very abundant. Regardless, Brownie Brown is in the process of making some super secret video game likely in the vein of Earthbound, and Marvelous is developing a new Nintendo DS game that may or may not be announced in the middle of the week. This is all just a rumor, but a pretty well-documented rumor at that.

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