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It's a powerful movement - even more HD Trailers released


As you already know, I won't have my previews in anything other than high def, and is the latest site to show me what I want and how I want to see it. They just posted an HD video montage from all the PS3 trailers released during the recent Tokyo Game Show. 

While its not true HD resolution (only 480p) I appreciate the effort. Gametrailers is a great source for HD trailers of the games, and the lower resolution also means that since you might not have your Avivo or Pure Video equipped PC just yet, you should still be able to play the videos just fine.

Check after the jump for a few more images from the trailer.

I had to reconsider my beliefs yesterday when Joystiq posted a few shakycam videos of Rare's upcoming Perfect Dark Zero, which I watched in shame, knowing I was weak. However after careful consideration, I decided even low resolution hidden camera videos of a 720p source is not too unclean, so don't let your soul be conflicted, have a look at those too.

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