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Minox DMP-1 plays music, pics, FM

Marc Perton

minox -dmp1Minox may be pitching its DMP-1 as a pocket photo album, but an Epson P-2000 (or even iPod nano) challenger this ain't. Sure, it's got a 2-inch color LCD display. But with just 512MB of onboard memory and an SD slot that maxes out with 1GB cards, this is less suited to backing up or showing off your images on the road than to playing MP3 files with the integrated player. So, other than the Minox name and the SD slot, this isn't a whole lot different from other recent flash players that include color LCD displays and FM tuners. And with support for just MP3 and WMA, this one's sure to disappoint the legions of OGG fans whose codec of choice has become much more common on audio players lately.

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