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Apple responds to iPod nano screen complaints

Peter Rojas
ipod nano

It's taken them a few days, but Apple is finally responding to the growing chorus of complaints about the fragility of the iPod nano's LCD screen. Seems that more than a few people have pulled a nano with a busted screen out of their bag or pocket, and an Apple rep admitted to Macworld UK that while there is a "minor issue" with the screen related to a "vendor quality problem in a small number of units", that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the design of the nano itself. Oh, and if you're not happy about how scratched up your nano has gotten, you're out of luck. The rep says that only a small, yet vocal, minority has complained about this and that the nano is just as resistant (or susceptible) to scratches as a 4G iPod (i.e. not very). They recommend that you buy a protective case.

[Thanks, mhz, Via iLounge]

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