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HDTV underwater adventure

Matt Burns

This is a great merger of science and high definition. A team of scientist plans on using the resolution found in HD to study life off the Juan de Fuca Ridge on the sea floor 200 miles off the coast of Washington state and British Columbia. VISIONS '05, as it is being called, are studying how tectonic-plate interaction can support exotic and ancient microbial life forms deep within the sea floor. The cool thing though is that they are planning on broadcasting all this live via the Internet and Dish Networks Research Channel.

Ok, us non-scientific folk will not be able to watch this live in HD but you can bet that Mark Cuban's HD Net will do everything they can to get their hands on what is going to be a beautiful film. Dish Network subscribers will be able to watch it in SD on channel 9400 on September 28th and 29th around 2 to 3 Eastern Standard Time. The live broadcast though is weather dependent for the launch of the underwater vehicles.


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