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Hideo Kojima gets poetic on his weblog

Ross Miller
Hideo Kojima sex pose (225)

Hideo Kojima, international playboy and creator of Metal Gear Solid, has had a personal weblog for at least a few days now. The site is in Japanese, but many have tried reading it through translators such as babel fish – and as you may realize, the translations are not perfect. However, for those who yearn for the days of oddly translated kung-fu films, scrolling through Kojima's blog might be a blessing. Take, for example, this passage:

Now, trying playing, "the metal it does not change", that you think.
MG 18 years ago, is the game of 15 years ago even with MG2 of the continuation.

Indeed, the "metal it does not change" is a great game. Don't fault the writer for babel fish's engrish, but enjoy a bit of insight into the man who made Solid Snake.

[Thanks, bandersnatch]

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