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iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0?

Peter Rojas

iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0

Ok, so some dude in Germany claims to have gotten their hands on a copy of iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. Let's just get it right out of the way that we think this is fake. Or at least that we're going to assume this is fake until we get some sort independent verification (email us the app already!). And you also have to wonder why exactly Apple would bother making a version of iTunes for Windows Mobile devices when they've been so reluctant to let even a single phone (the ROKR E1) run a mobile version of iTunes. It doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but there are at least three possible explanations for what's going on here:

  1. This is real, and Apple has some sort of amazing reason for doing this.

  2. The pics are fake and this is all an elaborate hoax.

  3. This isn't an Apple product and was instead created by some sketchy developer decided to mimic the look and feel of iTunes.

The true test would be whether or not a Pocket PC with iTunes would be able to play FairPlay DRM protected AAC files, but conveniently enough the person hasn't been able to sync with iTunes on a Mac or PC because they lack the necessary drivers.

[Thanks, Zach and ticotek]

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