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Kodak EasyShare One now available


Kodak EasyShare back

The Kodak EasyShare One has hit the streets in all of its 802.11b picture uploading, 3-inch swivel touchscreen, and 256MB internal storage glory. The WiFi capable camera goes for a cool $599 and comes with a free trial subscription to T-Mobile Hotspots. Kodak will set you up with a SDIO WiFi card for $99, just in case you had some crazy ideas about actually using this thing wirelessly (it doesn't have that WiFi built in, after all). Nothing you haven't heard before, just now you can finally buy the damned thing.

Update: The $599 does include the SDIO WiFi 802.11b card.

Update 2: Actually, upon closer inspection of their product pages, we have no freakin' idea if the WiFi is included or not as it seems Kodak has intentionally gone out of their way to obscure this important bit of information from people who want to buy the damn thing!

Update 3: No thanks to Kodak or vendors carrying this and their obtuse marketing language, but thanks to you lovely readers, we happily report that the camera ships with the card. Which, in the end, prompts us to wonder why the WiFi isn't just built-in in the first place…

[Via Designtechnica]

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