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Sony's new S205-series 20.1-inch LCDs

Sony s205-series LCD display

Sony just announced their SDM-205F and SDM-205K 20.1-inch LCD displays. Both displays feature a native resolution of 1600 x 1200, two HD15 analogue and one DVD-D digital inputs (allowing for 3 connected PCs), a "fast response time," and a narrow bezel for some hot side-by-side monitor action. They also feature DCC-Ci which enables image fine tuning from the connected PC as well as asset management, diagnostics, and the ability to shutdown and lock the display all from a remote location. The S205K can also be rotated 90-degrees for your choice of landscape or portrait modes and sports an integrated USB-based KVM switch for controlling two (but not three apparently) PCs from a single mouse and keyboard. Pricing is not yet available — so as far as you know, you can still afford 'em.

[Via Le Journal du Geek, Thanks Aniki]

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