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Will the real Origen please stand up

David Touve
Origen the Original

Having a nearly unlimited marketing budget offers Microsoft the pleasure of uploading upon the gaming world a beautiful green tree, linguistic riddles and enigmatic bunnies that speak in captions and get high on golden fruits… all in the name of Origen.  Amidst all this flash-enabled fanfare and mystery, let us not forget however, perhaps the most infamous Origen until yesterday - Origenes Adamantius.

Origenes was a christian aesthetic and scholar who lived during the second and third centuries AD.  Like many gamers today, the "big O" - as he was known to his contemporaries- castrated himself to avoid any grounds for scandal related to his teaching of women and undeniable possession of the "Let My People Go" mod for the Old Testament that unlocked all the sex scenes.  While the big O was known to spend time with a certain empress-dowager, Julia Mammaea of Antioch, his real passions were theology and science. O produced up to 6000 scrolls of homilies, books and "scholia," leaving him perhaps more industrious than the most RedBull-powered game coder on earth today.

If you want to learn more about O, check out Wikipedia.

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