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Bandai Namco now officially merged

Ross Miller
Bandai Namco logo (225)

Namco Bandai Holdings Inc., the new company formed via a merger of Bandai and Namco, has become official. Today the company opened a website, which offers very little in terms of information – a corporate philosophy, a business outline, press releases, and links to Bandai and Namco's respective web pages. They do have a spiffy logo, though, and that's always important.

Other than this website, it seems as though both companies will continue as they did before the merger. It is always talked about how inevitable it is for companies to merge as the industry expands – Sega and Sammy, Square Enix, EA and every little company it sees, and now this. What do you see as the next big merger will be?

[via Gamasutra]

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