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Enfora's TicTalk preteen cellphone reviewed

Enfora TicTalk

We spied this phone a while back, and while it might be cute, kids these days need to see some specs before they be toting. PC Magazine has a review and finds Enfora's $99 TicTalk a better alternative for preteens than the Firefly kiddie phone. The highlight is the extensive parental controls that can be administrated over the web, including "anytime" and "reward" contact lists that can be blocked for calls during the school day or for grounding purposes, one-way multiple choice text messaging, and to-do list updating. The phone also includes five LeapFrog edutainment titles that you can track your child's skills in and set difficulty (hopefully they add a leader board feature soon). The downside is that the phone is as weird to talk into as it looks, and the sound isn't great either. Also, the TicTalk phone service is powered by Cingular but costs 25 cents a minute, so let's make sure Junior isn't talking to his girlfriend on there okay?

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