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New Jersey students get free cellphones to hook up to campus net

Marc Perton

new jersey phoneForget that cheap cellphone with its lousy data plan that your parents tried to foist on you before you left for college. If your school is anything like Montclair State University in New Jersey, you may be able to get the school to hand you a free Moto i860, packed with software to connect to the campus network. Montclair State is handing the phones to incoming freshmen as part of an experiment in campus-wide social networking. Students with the phones can subscribe to school-created mobile channels, create their own channels and subscribe to text and multimedia alerts about school events (and we're sure there's already a MoSoSo app for quick hookups). The service was created by New York-based Rave Wireless, and Sextel beefed up its network around the school, to make sure that students don't lose the signal as they move around the campus. Is there a catch? Sure. The phone and data service are free, but you only get a token voice plan. If you want to use the phone to actually make calls, you'll need to spring for an expanded plan.  


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