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Nissan's egg-shaped "Pivo" concept

Evan Blass

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nissan pivo concept

Concept cars are getting weirder by the minute, and Nissan has just raised the bar with their egg-shaped "Pivo" that will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show starting October 22nd. The car is based on "drive-by-wire" technology (much like fly-by-wire on an airplane), meaning that all of the controls operate electronically (as opposed to manually), through the use of servo motors. Besides having a super-tight turning radius, the Pivo is able to independantly rotate its cockpit 180 degrees with respect to the wheels- effectively eliminating the need for driving in reverse. While we think that this is a great idea, couldn't they have put this tech in a hotter looking ride, like say a Murcielago (or even a Daewoo, for that matter)?

[Via The Raw Feed]

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