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Splashpower offers two new SplashPads

Evan Blass

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multi splashpad

Someday we'll be able to say "we were there" when this nascent technology was just finding its legs, but for now the charge-by-contact SplashPad by Splashpower offers no more convenience than plugging your devices directly into the wall. Nevertheless, we present you with the company's newest products, the Multi SplashPad and the Single SplashPad. As their names obviously indicate, the former charger is for use with two devices while the latter only holds one. Unfortunately, each of your devices requires a special attachment to work with the SplashPads, and only get charged when they are sitting directly on the units themselves. Thanks, but we'll wait around for Electric WiFi, when we can juice up our gear in line at Starbucks while they brew our Caffe Verona.

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