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iTunes 5.0 for PSP?

Peter Rojas
PSP iTunes 5.0

Dude, if you thought those screenshots of a Pocket PC Phone running a Windows Mobile version of iTunes looked fradulent, you're definitely not going to be feeling these pics of a PSP running iTunes 5.0 that have turned up. It's especially hard to believe that Apple and Sony would get together on this given how much they've bickered over the relatively simple matter of adding Sony artists to the Japanese version of the iTunes Music Store, but stranger things have happened this year, right? Anyway, some person claims to have played with a PSP running a mobile version of iTunes that their "friend" managed to get a copy of. Easily faked, especially since the PSP has a photo viewer (a video clip might have reassured us, but no dice), so we're officially casting suspicion on this one until we can get our hands on a copy of the software.

[Thanks, Julian & Stan]

UPDATE: Yup, just like we thought, confirmed as fake!

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