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Are you a well adjusted individual?


Are your TV and stereo system giving you the absolute best performance you can get? No matter how fiscally responsible or irresponsible you are, you probably want to get your moneys worth out of your equipment just as much as I do. I adjusted my CRT set when I first got it, and I noticed a difference, but not nearly as much when I with his 50+ inch rear-projection set, "it was like putting on glasses" he said.

Our own Kevin Tofel already posted instructions on how to calibrate your TV for cheap, but if you're willing to spend a little more money and time, InformIT has posted an article with details from how to calibrate your home theater with the AVIA DVD so often mentioned in TV forums, all the way up to recommendations on having your system calibrated by a professional.

Are you watching your TV the way it came out of the box, or have you made changes?  Let us know.


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