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Weekly WrapUp: September 26 - October 2, 2005

David Touve

In case you didn't notice, the flow of news on Joystiq grew to unprecedented levels this week.  First, if you think games are getting too expensive, why don't you buy the right to publish your favorite game?  200+ titles from Acclaim's publishing catalog are going to be on auction.  Like my dining room (that I painted twice this weekend), the upcoming Xbox 360 appears to be adding new colors in preparation for launch time.  The Origen 360 website flaunted its laurels - along with some dope chewing bunnies.  The cornerstones of WINTEL, Microsoft and Intel, came out of the closet to announce they are openly HD-DVD.  The Xbox 360 will be let loose in China (not just Hong Kong, this time) sometime in 2006.  An Xbox exec claimed 50% of the console base will go LIVE (?).  If you have four or more hours to kill, apparently you can boot Mac OS7 on your PSP.  As an added bonus, we thought it was time you got to know a little about the Joystiq team, so you would have all the proper information required to continue to poke fun at us.

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