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Creative's X-Fi soundcards won't work with DTT3500 speakers

Evan Blass
creative dtt3500 speakers

Here's a good way to alienate your established user base: release a highly-touted new product that is incompatible with previously-released peripherals made by your very own company. Well that is exactly the case with Creative's new "revolutionary" X-Fi series of soundcards, which customers are claiming do not work with Creative's own DTT3500 surround sound speaker set. Apparently the problem lies in the DIN interface used in the new cards, which won't play nice with the older speakers. Some industrious users are hacking their speakers with after-market parts and soldering tools to remedy Creative's mistake, but since this requires no small amount of technical expertise, we imagine that the Creative returns department will be rather busy in the coming days.

[Via The Inquirer]

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