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Sajjadah 1426 illuminated prayer rug

Evan Blass

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sajjadah 1426 prayer rug

In the spirit of Ramadan, which begins this week, we bring you the Sajjadah 1426 Prayer Rug. Designed by Soner Ozenc, the Sajjadah 1426 (2005 in the Islamic calendar) is made using Electro Luminescent Phosphore Printing technology, which allows it to display various graphics and patterns directly on the surface. An embedded compass instructs the rug to glow more brightly as it is turned towards Mecca, allowing users to easily determine when they are facing exactly the right direction. So convergence triumphs once again, though now you have two Mecca-detecting devices to charge (along with your cellphone, natch).

[Via Yanko Design]

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