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Sharp puzzled on how LCDs can beat PDPs

Matt Burns

Sharp Electronics is almost ready to open its new 8th generation LCD planet but is working on a plan to compete with plasmas. We all know that plasmas are the ruling king of large flat panels due to their picture quality but also, price. Sharp seems to know this as well. They were recently quoted saying that they ether need to find a way to produce a quality product cheaper, or just give up and go for the high end market.

We're wondering if this is a sign of the times. LCDs are struggling to gain a foothold in the home theater market, but with Sony aggressively pushing them, they could improve their market share. Plasmas just produce such a better black level and therefore, a better color balance. They have such a hard question in front of them. Do they drop their quality to compete or just get out of the race all together? I am sure that many of us can remember when everyone said that LCDs would replace plasmas. SED might but that is another post altogether.

Well, we might have even cheaper LCDs this Christmas then we thought.


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