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More hype about HomePlug and HDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

NE Asia Online has a high-level update on HomePlug technology. HomePlug is promising the world that we can use our electrical wiring to extend and share networkable devices and media at very fast speeds. The HomePlug 1.0 standard, for example, allows for up to 15 devices on one HomePlug network which is capable of bandwidth in the 150Mbps to 200Mbps range.

I'm really interested in any local streaming at these speed simply because it's ideal for HDTV streaming, which currently requires 19.3Mbps with MPEG-2 compression. HomePlug seems perfect for an HDTV media server, but quite frankly it doesn't seem mainstream yet.

Much to the chagrin of my significant other and my checkbook, I'm known as an early adopter, but I'm not sure about HomePlug just yet. Has anyone plugged in to the HomePlug hype or is this a dead circuit?


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