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Seagull 3 brings vidcasting to your Mac

David Chartier

"There Is Never Anything Good On Television" is the first sentence on the product page of Seagull 3, the latest vidcasting app I've come across. It offers the familiar iTunes interface, and if you're new to the world of vidcasting and don't have shows in mind to add already, it comes with a long list to get you started.

You can also view your available shows in a variety of ways including a typical list or in a slick icon format which I have pictured. Seagull 3 has some slick features, one of which is called "Output To Device." Unfortunately, I can't play with that one as I haven't paid the $29 registration for the pro version, so you'll just have to figure that one out for yourself.

All in all it looks like a sweet app, and nice backup for those vidcasts that aren't in iTunes, or a great alternative if iTunes just doesn't float yer boat in the first place.


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