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Cat-5 DVI extender: too cool and too slow?

Kevin C. Tofel

On the surface, the Gefen DVI AUDIO extender looks great. It lets you connect a video source from PC, DVD player or set-top box and send that source to a receiver unit up to 150-feet away via standard Catergory-5 Ethernet cable. The sending unit has a DVI-in as well as an audio-in since DVI is for video signals only. The resulting inputs are sent through the Cat-5 cable to the reciever where you can pipe out via DVI and audio outs.

I'm not sure I undestand this product, so maybe you guys can fill me in. Is there really a need for it with 802.11g WiFi? Do most people have their DVI-enabled sources far away from their content source? More importantly, the transfer rate of the DVI AUDIO extender is 12.8 Mbps, which falls far short of the 19.3 Mpbs that MPEG-2 full HDTV streams need. The unit is available for pre-order at $649, so I have to missing something here.

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