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Help the Scobles pick an HDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

If you can convince them to buy one, that is! Robert Scoble, one the best known technology evangelists at Microsoft is debating an HDTV purchase. You folks are smart; whaddya say we help him out here at HD Beat?

First, you need to win his wife over. Maryam wants to buy a wood stove, while Robert wants to buy an HDTV. How would you justify the HDTV purchase if you lived in Washington state and a cold winter was approaching?

Second, (and this assumes you convince them to go for the high-def set), which HDTV would you purchase right now? I don't know what the budget is, but let's keep it semi-reasonable, say no more than $7,500. That may be too high, but then again, I don't know what a wood stove costs these days! Hmm....maybe we need a new niche blog here: WoodStove Ok, now go win the Scobles over and spend their money by posting comments on what they should buy and why!


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