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Philips "Tune In" concept allows for anonymous music-sharing

Evan Blass
philips tune in concept

Philips is totally rockin' out with the concept products lately; besides the Chameleon Lamp we just brought you (hidden amongst a thick stack of other concept devices), they were also showing off an innovative DAP at the same Paris event. The "Tune In" is a flash-based player that both broadcasts its signal to nearby Tune In devices and can recieve tracks the same way. Philips envisions users becoming their own tiny radio stations, sharing their playlists on the subway, in the library, anywhere people congregate. Personally, we're not so fond of letting others anonymously peruse our song cache (our raging Right Said Fred addiction would become instant fodder for gossip), but the idea of knowing that hot-stuff sitting near us on the bus is also too sexy for his/her shirt is strangely and disturbingly appealing.

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