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High-def DVD war crosses China border

Kevin C. Tofel

Good morning. This HD reporter is embedded with the Blu-Ray-Brigade, far behind enemy lines in what we now know is "The First High-Def DVD Format War." Various skirmishes continue to erupt all around us, but things have quieted down. The sound of silence you hear right now is the global consumer market holding their breath until the next major attack. Wait....I hear something. I'm going to creep forward from my position and take a look. I'm quietly moving.....I see something.... I don't believe this. Wait. It's true, as I'm getting confirmation from a scout source.

Let me describe the situation here as there seems to be a third army involved. I repeat: a third army. The Chinese technology manufacturers have decided to create their own high-def DVD format. This is a shocking development as almost 80% of all DVD players carry the official "Made In China" insignia. I need to crawl back to safety now before the consumers join in to this nasty battle. This is your HD reporter, returning to cover and signing off.

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