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RIM loses appeal against NTP

Peter Rojas
BlackBerry 7520

Well, the USPTO may have invalidated the last of several patents that were at the heart of NTP's patent infringement suit against RIM (they allege that the BlackBerry violates several patents related to mobile wireless email), but that doesn't seem to matter much to a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, which yesterday denied RIM's request to rehear the case (RIM's appeal was related to jurisdiction, not that NTP's patents had been overturned). That means that the case now gets bumped back to a district court, where NTP is seeking to have its injunction barring RIM from selling BlackBerrys in the US reinstated. Any patent lawyers in the house care to school us on why NTP still has a case after their patents have been invalidated? Does the infringement case continue as normal while NTP appeals the USPTO's ruling?

[Thanks, Lip]

UPDATE: Todd nails it down for us in the comments.

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