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Comcast proposing "instant rental with ownership" PPV

Evan Blass
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Comcast, always hunting for new revenue streams, has been making the Hollywood rounds lately with a proposal that would allow digital cable subscribers to order a pay-per-view movie and receive the same movie in the mail a few days later, in the form of a DVD; even though less than half of Comcast's 21 million subscribers own a digital set-top box, 9 or 10 million captive viewers are still an attractive target for Hollywood's wares.The proposed service would cost $17-a-pop, and would offer certain movies several weeks in advance of their regular PPV premieres.  So now instead of wasting several dollars on awful PPV movies (and even more for those "special" films- arthouse flicks, of course), we can spend even more money to receive a hard copy of the movie that we just watched and decided that we hated.

[Via Slashdot]

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