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IEMA ready to fight CA violent videogame law

Ross Miller
California Assembly map (225)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently, at almost the last possible moment, signed bill AB1179 into law. The bill, which has gained much attention online, requires extra warning labels to be placed on violent games, as well fining retailers $1,000 for not using the labels or not checking a customer's ID. Naturally, the IEMA, ESRB, and ESA are none too pleased by this, and today IEMA released a press statement condemning the new law.

The statement expresses disappointment with Schwarzenegger's decision to sign the bill into law, citing his previous platform of "taking the politics out of lawmaking." The IEMA predicts this law, on the grounds of First Amendment violation, will be overturned, and praises its own self-regulation of Mature rated games. Expect a lawsuit by the ESA in the coming months, but in the meantime do you think the IEMA is overreacting?

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