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HDTV last night: Lost


We know you were watching because Lost is one of HD Beat readers' favorite shows, and last nights episode was a great example of why. Beyond getting over the beautiful setting of the show (every time they show someone walking alone on the beach it's as good as Sunrise Earth) or Kate coming out of the shower; there are extra details, like the dharma logo on the fin of the shark stalking Michael and Sawyer.

Last night during Hurley's dream sequence if you looked carefully (no need for HD to see it like My Name is Earl, but it helped) you may have noticed a missing boy pictured on the carton of milk he was drinking.  That boy? Walt. An inside joke from the shows producers, or was Walt somehow projecting himself into Hurley's dream?

Don't know for sure, but as usual you weren't really watching if you weren't watching it in HD. Did you pick up any interesting details in last nights HDTV watching?


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