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Plug your Mac mini into your car


Will it turn that Datsun into KITT? I'll leave that up to you... But Carnetix has a great way to cram that Mac mini into your dashboard and fuel it's power needs at the same time. The CNX-P1900 is a power regulator for your car that's fully compatible with the mini. Not only does it provide a clean power supply to the machine, but it supports sleep mode! Carnetix also has a Y-cable for the power button on the mini, so you can have a dashboard power button, yet still easily remove your CPU if necessary. You'll have enough power to run not just the mini, but one of those teensy little screens too. Perhaps with a little bit of effort your car could drive you to work, right? The regulator itself is a reasonable $99.95, which is probably a drop in the bucket to Knight Industries.


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