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Did HDBeat predict this use of the iPod?

Kevin C. Tofel

Say, does anyone remember just last month when we discussed HDTV on the iPod? We knew you couldn't have 720p resolution on screen that would fit the iPod, but we were thinking that the iPod could be used as a portable HDTV program storage device. With the right sized hard drive and video outputs, just maybe it could happen. Looks like it might.

The always interesting Robert X. Cringely has some thoughts on the new video iPod and buried in the middle of his thoughts are...well....our thoughts! Cringely mentions DVDStation, a DVD kiosk company: "Well, DVDstation just announced that you can plug your video-enabled iPod into their kiosk and download an HD movie in 90 seconds or less." I can't find anything on DVDStation's site on this, but this could be interesting.

Better yet is this thought from Cringely, "The video-enabled iPod becomes the vessel for transporting movies from store to home and of course they don't have to be returned." Robert: are you reading HD Beat? That's OK bud, we read your site too.


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