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Now it's Olympus and Ricoh's turn to admit CCD problems

Marc Perton

flawed sony CCD sensor images

OK, we're making it official: If you've ever bought a digital camera from any manufacturer at any time, contact them right now and ask them to fix it. Given the fact that Ricoh and Olympus have now joined the ranks of Sony, Konica Minolta, Canon, Nikon and Fuji in announcing problems with the CCDs in various models of their cameras, we're starting to assume that every digital camera ever made has some kind of defect, and they'll all become apparent in time. Ricoh's problem cameras include the Caplio RR30, Caplio 300G, Caplio G3/G3 and Caplio RX; Olympus' models include the C-5050ZOOM and C-730 Ultra Zoom. (Olympus deserves a special award for its contrite statement, which reads in part, at least according to a Google translation, "The particular product we put annoyance on on everyone of use very much, there is no excuse truly.") It's enough to make us go back to using a Brownie — or wait for a chance to join the inevitable class-action lawsuit that's sure to arise out of all this.

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