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Bill Gates sez Blu-ray is "very anti-consumer"

Ryan Block, @ryan
Bill Gates

We're not going to get our panties in a bunch when Bill Gates knocks on Blu-ray, being that it's pretty clear which camp Microsoft stands in right now (and why). But even him saying that Blu-ray is "very anti-consumer" isn't super off when you think about it. Microsoft (and Intel, and a number of others) want "Managed Copy" AACS features enabled in next-gen media formats to enable moving content off your disc, and, say, onto your Portable Media Center or XP Media Center PC (also see: VIIV). HD DVD supports this feature, but the Blu-ray hasn't officially required support for this, which means you might only be able to play your hi-def content off an actual disc. Gates went on to say that if they "would fix that one thing, you know, that'd be fine." Ok, fair enough—Blu-ray peeps, you want to hook that up so we can all get on with our format war in an orderly way here?

[Via HD Beat]

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