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Elecom's mousepad for wireless mice

Liam McNulty
wireless mouse mousepad mp-090

Don't hold your breath over this one, but Japanese peripheral maker Elecom debuted the "MP-090" series of mousepads last week, intended to be used with wireless mice. According to Elecom, current mousepads aren't optimized for use with wireless mice on metal surfaces; wireless signals from the mouse go right on through the pad and are absorbed by the desk's metal, never to reach their destination: the receiver. Elecom says that by putting styrofoam in the padding and adding a layer insulated with air, signals from your mouse will bounce right off the surface of your mousepad into the receiver (and your mousepad will float). We'll take their word for it. The MP-090 will be available in silver, blue, red, and white colors, each at ¥1,980 (~$17 USD).

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