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Games sales down for September, up for the year

David Touve

gamesales.jpgSo even with the tremendous pile of console games released in September, game sales in the US during that month, when compared to the September of 2004, were down around 24%.  What is this, the music industry or something?  Be ye not afraid.  The rest of the report from the NPD group details how in truth, games sales for the first nine months of 2005, when compared with those from 2004, are actually up around 3%.  So for those keeping track, the games industry (consoles game sales only) has grown to around $3.36 billion in the US. reminds us that September 2004 marked the release of Fable, Star Wars Battlefront and a suite of Pokemon GBA titles, which combined with the pause in Xbox sales - in anticipation of the Xbox 360 - make the drop in sales understandable.

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