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ICO developer reaffirms PS3 commitment

Ross Miller

Game designer Fumito Ueda has a unique perspective on life – he must, at any rate, to envision such a refreshing game like ICO. It comes as no surprise, but Ueda recently spoke to Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation about his desire to make games for Sony's upcoming PS3. He confirms that his next game will be on the PS3, but that it will be a long time before it is released. Lamenting on the long time spans between his games (Shadow of the Colossus is set to be released 4 years and a few months after ICO, his previous work), Ueda predicted that, due to the complexity of next-generation development, his next game will also be a long time coming.

After many developers have rumored to drop their PlayStation 3 support, Ueda's support comes at a good time, as he and Hideo Kojima will be major players in Sony's plans for global dominance. Shadow of the Colossus, Ueda's current project (set for release tomorrow), has impressed many earlier reviewers.

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