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Jobs, Apple make the cover of TIME Magazine

David Chartier

The love and attention just keep pouring in for Apple. An October 24th issue of TIME Magazine features a cover story titled "How Apple Does It," and the story's hook calls Apple "the world's most innovative company."

Touching on the recently announced video iPod, the story focuses more on Apple's design and marketing team and how they've defied "conventional wisdom" to keep turning out fantastic products. Those featured in the article are: engineering vice president Fadell, iPod head Jon Rubinstein (who recently announced an upcoming retirement), industrial design cheif Jonathan Ive, marketing director Philip Schiller and of course, Steve Jobs.

Looks like the story is available online right now to subscribers, or you can get access to for only $1.99, which doesn't sound like a bad deal at all.

[via MacSlash]


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