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Palm says Treo 650 to get BlackBerry Connect early 2006

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It's no surprise that Palm would be a bit, well, promiscuous following a painful breakup. First, they turned-out a WinMo 700w, then the Symbian gossip began, and now Palm is in bed with RIM to bring their BlackBerry Connect wireless push email technology to Palm devices — specifically, the Treo 650 smartphone. Sure, this was supposed to be rolled out oh, about a year ago but hey, it takes time to update your letterhead, k. Already own a 650? Don't fear, you'll get an additional option in the VersaMail e-mail client. Ok great, so the 650 solution will be available in early 2006, any chance they might be spreading some love to a Palm-powered 700p as well? Ah, who are we kidding…

[Thanks, Rob]

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