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Sobrietor - electronic cuffs for alkies

Marc Perton

sobrietorRather than filling up prisons with DUI offenders, how about releasing them with an order to stay on the wagon? Seems reasonable, if you could just verify that they've kept away from the bottle, and now there's a way to do it. The Sobrietor is a voice-activated breathalyzer, which verifies the identity of the test subject via voice identification, and phones in its findings. It can be set to require scheduled or random checks, and can phone home if it's been tampered with. Unfortunately, it requires a phone line to call in, limiting its portability. We can only imagine some poor slob carrying this around a restaurant looking for a phone jack to plug it in, all the while being badgered by voice prompts to take a deep breath. Still, we suspect that said slob would prefer that scenario to rotting behind bars.

[Via TRFJ]

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