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Samsung debuts new line of of LCD's, PDP's aimed at professionals


Apparently Toshiba's not the only one who thinks that what your TV is really missing is an Ethernet port. Samsung today announced a new line of network-enabled LCD screens enabled for many types of commercial applications, signs, boardroom displays etc. The SyncMaster 400p and 460p (40 in. and 46 in., the network enabled versions are denoted by an n) feature Samsung's MagicSpeed technology to lower response times to 8 ms. The monitors also offer resolutions up to 1080i (native resolution of 1366x768) and an 800:1 contrast ratio.

But they don't stop there, also announcing three new PDP's for professional use, minus the network ports, plus 10,000:1 contrast ratio and anti-burn in technology. The 42" HDTV sports a 720p native display, along with a 42" SDTV, and a 50" TV that goes up to 1366x768.


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