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35lb, $6,500 1080p upscaler DVD player

Matt Burns

This thing is a beast. It's a DVD player from a high-end audio manufacture out of Canada called Classé, who is now owned by B&W group. (They make great speakers) It tips the scales at just over 35 pounds because of the metal cabinet that makes it look like a million bucks. Well at least $6,500, since that's the cost.

Many of the features that this DVD player has are out my league. It is designed with the audiophile in mind, but throws us HD freaks a bone too. It has an internal scaler that will up convert all the way to 1080p via HDMI. It of course has every type of hook up that a high-end player would have, including balanced XLR inputs for you audio folks and component RGBHV outputs for you projector guys and gals.

Sinse this is a high-end audio player first and video player second, it allows those that want DVD-audio without the video part to preview and use the DVD navigation through its front touchpad. Yes, I said touchpad and it looks cool. I couldn't find what kind of display it is,  but it looks like an OLED screen. Ether way it’s tight.

The kicker here though is: as much as I like this unit, I'll feel badly for the owners of this big guy when HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray disks come around. Then again, they'll probably just throw it out and buy a new one.

Note to owners of the CDP-300: When you are ready to throw out this $6,500 DVD player, I will save you the back pain of lifting this 35lb beast and carrying it out to the road. My name is Matt Burns and you can contact me at I'll be happy to help you dispose of it!


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